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The Lemongrass Wash Block unites French yellow clay with calendula petals and lemongrass essential oil. With a bright, citrus scent, the soap leaves skin feeling exfoliated and refreshed. And, it is vegan friendly, handmade in small batches and packed with natural ingredients.


+ Lemongrass is a popular fragrance in perfumes, cosmetics and candles, due to its uplifting and bold aroma. Its other credentials include: insect repellent, fungal removal, pore reduction and skin firming.

+ French yellow clay is mild, which makes it perfect for dry and sensitive skin. It draws out impurities, whilst removing dead skin cells and stimulating blood circulation.

+ Vitamin E keeps skin happy and eyes bright. It’s antioxidant properties means it is good at protecting the skin from unpleasant toxins and the sun’s powerful rays.

+ Coconut oil moisturises dry skin, removes makeup, reduces wrinkles, prevents dandruff, protects from the sun and smells like a tropical holiday. It is also mega healthy, but it is definitely not consumable in this context!

+ Shea butter is pretty handy because it can be rapidly absorbed into the skin, taking other active ingredients with it. It is also rich in Vitamin A and E, and has a natural SPF of Six.

Net weight ~ 115g