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The citrus and spicy scents of orange and clove combine to create a delightfully fragrant bar full of immunity boosting properties. The soap brightens tired skin and neatens up acne prone areas. And, it is vegan friendly, handmade in small batches and packed with natural ingredients.


+ Sweet orange doesn’t just have a delightful, summery scent, it can also help lift the mood and reduce depression. It is also quite good at removing toxins, increasing immunity, beating acne and relieving inflammation.

+ Clove has stimulating properties, meaning it increases blood flow into unhealthy skin, lessening wrinkles, removing acne and rejuvenating the eyes. If you are prone to illness it can kick your immune system into gear too.

+ French red clay is great for sensitive skin and can brighten a dull complexion through exfoliation and detoxification. It leaves skin refreshed, toned and renewed.

+ Vitamin E keeps skin happy and eyes bright. It’s antioxidant properties means it is good at protecting the skin from unpleasant toxins and the sun’s powerful rays.

+ Coconut oil moisturises dry skin, removes makeup, reduces wrinkles, prevents dandruff, protects from the sun and smells like a tropical holiday. It is also mega healthy, but it is definitely not consumable in this context!

+ Shea butter is pretty handy because it can be rapidly absorbed into the skin, taking other active ingredients with it. It is also rich in Vitamin A and E, and has a natural SPF of Six.

Net weight ~ 115g